Income Replacement

What is your most valuable asset? It's not a question we think about often, and we usually begin to think about our home, car, or perhaps another expensive item you own. In reality, there is one common denominator which allows you to acquire all of these things: your ability to earn an income; ensuring you can support your family and everyday needs. 

What would happen to you if you were not longer able to work due to injury or illness? How long could you go without a pay cheque? Would you be forced to deplete your savings or sell assets? Take out a loan? Survive on your spouse's income?

Thanks to disability insurance, we can put these worries aside and protect your family income in the event of an injury or illness (both physical and mental). This type of insurance provides an ongoing monthly benefit which will keep your life and household running while you focus on your health. A well thought out income replacement plan will keep families in their home, avoid a possibility of any debt build up, help send children to university and keep retirement plans on track.