The Fortune Team understands aligning values with investment selection is an important practice for many. Whether our clients wish to allocate a portion or all of their portfolio to investment choices which involve companies working towards a better tomorrow, we are well equipped to build a portfolio designed to reach your financial goals while ensuring companies are held to ethical standards which match your personal beliefs. Responsible investing is the exercise of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the selection and management of investments.


  • Investing in companies who show leadership in environmental stewardship and avoid negligence which results in damaging effects to our planet.
  • Issues include: contribution to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, renewable energy, waste management + more...


  • Companies are evaluated on how those inside and outside of the company are treated.
  • Issues include: Supply chain management, community relations, human rights, workplace safety, child labor, slavery + more...


  • Evaluating if the company is governed responsibly.
  • Issues include: Executive compensation, bribery, and corruption, shareholder rights, board diversity, structure + more...

In addition to aligning individuals’ values with their investment selection, incorporating ESG factors into investment decision has the potential to manage long-term risk and provide sustainable returns.


Stewart is a certified Responsible Investment Specialist with the Responsible Investment Association of Canada. As a member of the larger community, he embraces socially responsible investing and believes companies should be held accountable to certain ethical standards.