One of the first questions people wonder when it comes to working with us is what service fees are associated with working with your team?

Our team provides a highly detailed personal financial planning service to each of our clients. Just as each relationship we have with our clients is unique, so is their plan. Therefore, since different recommendations have different associated fees it is a difficult question to answer, but we will do our best to explain some general guidelines (listed below).

In most cases, when money is invested, our team will receive an ongoing service fee as a percentage of the money invested (this is referred to as a trailer fee). The commission generated is for the continual impartial advice and ongoing financial planning services we provide to our clients.

Portfolios consisting of low-cost ETFs (exchange traded funds) would be lower cost than actively managed portfolios. Some investment products can involve a level of guarantee, these are called segregated funds. Investments with guarantees will have a higher management fee, for the security provided by the guarantee. Our team also brokers annuities and guaranteed investment certificates (GIC’s).

It is important to note that our team has a tiered pricing schedule in place; therefore, clients will receive a discount on the advisory fee as we manage more of their assets. It is also important to note that our team does not invest our client’s money with a fee to get in, or to get out. Life can change quickly, therefore we believe in having your money accessible without penalties if the need to access the funds arise.

There are many options available regarding financial planning solutions. Our team takes pride in reviewing in detail the associated fees with each option. We have relationships with various investment and insurance companies and therefore can broker the best products for our clients.

Our philosophy is that if we do the best job we can and do what is right for our clients; we will never have to worry about our compensation. This is because we will cultivate long-term client relationships, clients will entrust us with their investments and our clients happily refer us to others. Everyone wins! 


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